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Existentialist Breakdown



A look inside. . .

Existentialist Breakdown
woe is the dreary maze
the maze in the garden
surrounded by thick walls of brillian red
blooming roses and snapdragons
My mother took me there once when
     I was ignorant
Somehow it stained my thoughts as a
     most beautiful secluded place
I once took my friend by the hand
but he hated roses and feared the dragons
Those dragons
purple and blue as the sea at midnight
when sharks roam the earth
and stars scale the skies like pieces of a
     puzzle thrown to the wind
I often find myself alone
deserted in this hermetic maze of the garden
As the years have passed
so too have the rose walls and dragons
     that snap in the howling wind
withering with age and loss of innocence
their life escaping like the breath of a dying old maid
reaching the maze's end in the garden
only to find no cheese
and no light.

This next poem is a collective poem written
by my Poetry Club. The Poetry Club
consisted of myself, 2 or 3 of my closest
friends, and a high school English teacher.
Each person writes one line of poetry,
folds the paper, and the next person writes
one line of poetry also. Once the poem
has circled once or twice, we unfold the
paper and read what everyone has written
as a collective poem. The trick is that
noone knows what anyone else wrote. Here
is the only one that was ever worth keeping...
Angel's Spoonbread on the Back of Cat's Wings
When the angel fell off the head
     of a pin
an enormous "poof" shook the earth
The smell of it was worse than
     that of a snail
The rain trickled steadily out of a
     grey sky
The gentle wind ruffled the grass
Felidae slinks through the blades
     seeking his prey
Your Horoscope for today:
You call is spoonbread...
     because you eat it...with a spoon
Fly away, my dirty Mexican, before
     there appears the FBI
The night soon descends on silken wings
Passersby would probably be
     shocked by the unusual amount of blood
Take thine hand and make thou way to the
     promised land
The land before time...
Angel tummies smashing viciously into
     autistic tail lights.
Busting really small zebras into jailhouse pooky.

Feed Cats in Mourning
Be careful not to burn your fingers on
     the sun.
Here, a drink of water but to quench
     your thirst.
Immersed to the ears and drowning
     in sunshine.
I can see clearly now the rain is gone.
The sun peaking its head out between
     a cloud and a rainbow.
Through an open window
Look out ants, here I come!
Splash head first into the muddy bottom
To be pulled out of the sky,
Plucked from the Earth,
And tossed about the tumultous sea
     on the backs of dolphins.
Those lusty mammals.
Swim upstream with the salmon.
Rush against the currents to begin
The rebirth.
And don't forget to feed the cats
     along the way.
Runaway Mary
These walls
they speak to me, of a peaceful war,
     of death and rebirth
the knife in my head, and the swaying
     of the clock's pendulum to and fro
I hear the whispers at the back
     of my ears,
     calling to me
Wondering whether to turn left or right
it makes sense sometimes
to walk up to an imperfect stranger
     and say hello.
Sitting there, watching the tides turn
     and theEarth revolve,
     the sun set and rise
The stars tumble from the sky and yet,
Yet they get up and walk away
Hidden meanings in every movement
The red motif is going to kill me!
Or will it love me?
Only the stalking cat knows its prey
And the blue man on the corner
     will carry me home.
She looks past me into the darkness
But does not see me sitting there,
     having a conversation with a piece of bread
     and some pumpkin pie.
These hypocrites that follow me around
All they want is sex
That's what they live for
Where is the happiness?
Like leeches on the soul
Flies that nest in your mouth
Leave me! And be gone!
Drowning out in my ears
The anger, let me scream
You know nothing
Nothing that you think you might
     about me.
Because nothing has never been
     of nothing and never will be
Until I realize what I am

Please send any comments about my poetry to the email address on the Home page. Thanks for taking the time to read just a few of my favorites.

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